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2020.10.02 Stretch your Mozzarella yield by up to 1.3%

The increasing consumption of mozzarella, means cheesemakers are looking for ways to produce and convert mozzarella as quickly and efficiently as possible. At DSM, cheese experts have come to their aid with a new mozzarella culture, Delvo®Cheese CP-500.


So what are the benefits? First off, by using Delvo®Cheese CP-500, cheesemakers can get up to 1.3% more mozzarella from the same inputs. It achieves this increased yield by packing more moisture into the mozzarella.

But increased yield is not the only benefit. The combination of Delvo®Cheese CP-500 and Maxiren®XDS, fermentation produced chymosin coagulant, leads to improved texture and superior sliceability throughout a long shelf life. Another significant advantage!

Delvo®Cheese CP-500 also improves the pizza-eating experience! Consumers will particularly notice an improved stretch and melt behavior, as well as a more buttery taste and less browning.


Do you want to get more from your mozzarella? And improve the pizza-eating experience at the same time? We would be happy to help you!

You will find more HERE.



Royal DSM completes acquisition of Royal Dutch CSK, combining complementary strengths to better serve dairy industries

It's with great pleasure that we are now able to inform you of the completion of the acquisition of specialty dairy solutions provider Koninklijke CSK Food Enrichment C.V. by DSM. With this acquisition we strengthen our dairy portfolio and our ability to serve the needs of dairy industries worldwide. Our companies have a great fit together, with our shared passion for dairy, our skilled and dedicated people, and our complementary solution portfolios.

This is also a testament to DSM'S commitment to the dairy industry, which we support throughout our Nutrition businesses. We recognize that today's dairy needs are constantly changing, hence we continue to invest in enabling customers to keep satisfying consumer demand. It's our continued aim to help you grow your business. The acquisition of CSK will greatly strengthen our ability to do so.

We have started to prepare for full integration. For now, nothing will change for you as our valued customer, neither in the way you do business with DSM or with CSK nor to the product portfolios on offer.


DSM Food Specialties announcement – PRESS HERE.



Royal DSM completes acquisition of Royal CSK

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, today announces the completion of the acquisition of a 100% interest in specialty dairy solutions provider Koninklijke CSK Food Enrichment C.V. ("CSK") for a cash consideration of about €150 million. The acquisition of CSK was first announced on November 18.

The highly complementary combination of DSM's dairy business and CSK's business greatly strengthens DSM's abitity to serve the needs of dairy industries worldwide, and makes the company well-placed to address the fast-growing and attractive dairy cultures markets.


DSM - Bright Science. Brighter Living.TM

Royal DSM is a global, purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. DSM's purpose is to create brighter lives for all. DSM addresses with its products and solutions some of the world's biggest challenges while simultaneously creating economic, environmental and societal value for all its stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large. DSM delivers innovative solutions for human nutrition, animal nutrition, personal care and aroma, medical devices, green products and applications, and new mobility and connectivity. DSM and its associated companies deliver annual net sales of about €10 billion with approximately 23,000 employees. The company was founded in 1902 and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam. More information can be found at


DSM Food Specialties announcement – PRESS HERE.



DSM’s Delvo Cheese CT-Light nominated for the FIE (Food Ingredients) Innovation Award 2017

DSM’s Delvo Cheese CT-Light allows cheesemakers to create continental cheeses using low-fat milk with the same taste texture that consumers expect from a full-fat product. During the cheese making process, the culture replaces fat with water without any negative impact on physical or sensory properties. With DelvoCheese CT-Light, fat can be reduced by 30 percent or more, alongside a significant cut in calories. This is done without additives or stabilizers. This total culture solution enables cheesemakers to meet the consumer demand for healthier options by giving the impression of a full-fat product but with less fat and fewer calories.

Delvo Cheese CT-Light can be applied in a broad range of cheeses. The primary application is the semi-hard cheese segment, for example, Manchego, Gouda, Tilsiter, Maasdam, Edam, Havarti, and Prato.



DSM introduces a new range of freeze-dried cultures for set yogurt formats at Gulfood Manufacturing. The new Delvo® cultures allow for more texture and flavor variations in set yogurts and result in reduced levels of liquid whey over shelf live. Since the new freeze-dried Delvo culture range may be transported at ambient temperatures, it saves energy and enables more distribution options.

More about cultures - PRESS HERE.



DSM has extended its range of continental cheese solutions with DelvoCheese CT-Taste, which is said to enable producers of continental cheeses to halve the ripening time of their cheese.  According to DSM’s internal data, for the production of 1 million kilograms of continental cheese with a typical four-week ripening time, reducing ripening time to two weeks would save around €200,000 in production costs. 

DelvoCheese CT-Taste opens up new opportunities for companies that want to produce their cheese more efficiently and sustainably. More about - PRESS HERE.



DSM has extended its portfolio of Continental cheese solutions to meet the consumer demand for healthier cheese options. Delvo®Cheese CT-Light enhances the texture and taste of low-fat cheese, giving the impression of a full-fat product but with fewer calories.
Continental cheeses, such as Manchego, Gouda and Edam, each have a distinct flavor profile and are nutrient-dense. They provide protein, calcium, and vitamins A and B12, but are often high in fat. Efforts to reduce fat content have been challenging, with consumers unwilling to accept the resulting changes to taste and texture.

DSM Food Specialities did it - an announcement please READ HERE.

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