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JSC Ardita ir Ko is the official DSM Food Specialties and Romer Labs distributor in Lithuania and Latvia. 
DSM Food Specialties is international producer and supplier of specialized ingredients such as Delvo®Yog, Delvo®Fresh, Delvo®Cheese, Delvo®ADD, Delvo®Pro, Delvo®Guard, Biogarde®and Bioghurt®, Dairy Safe™, Fromase®, Maxiren®, Maxilact®, Accelerzyme®, Delvo®Cid, Delvo®Nis, Delvo®Zyme, Delvo®Coat, Delvo®Plant, Delvotest®.
Many years on the market proves the stable quality and reliability of these products. DSM is a global partner to the dairy industry as a leading producer of enzymes, cultures, coagulants, preservation products and antibiotic residue tests.
Romer Labs is the world's leading laboratory diagnostics solutions company. Laboratory diagnostics that are quick, easy and accurate without the need for specialized equipment.
In November 2019 DSM Food Specialties acquired CSK Food Enrichment C.V. and combined complementary strengths to better serve dairy industries. In this way, DSM Food Specialties further expands product portfolio and becomes producer and supplier of specialized ingredients such as Ceska®, Ceska®Star, Milase®, Ceska®Coat, Ceska®Media, Ceska®Lact.

In October 2020 DSM acquired Erber Group, whereas the Romer Labs® is one of the subsidiaries and expanded range of higher value-add specialty diagnostic solutions for food and feed safety.

Now we offer a broad range of innovative products and services covering mycotoxinsfood allergens, food pathogensGMOveterinary drug residues, melamine and meat and bone meal.

Under these brands is offering food and feed safety diagnostic solutions: AgraQuant®, AgraStrip®, MycoSep®, MultiSep®, MycoSpin®, Biopure™; StarlineTM; RapidChek®, HygieneChek™, SurfACETM etc.

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DSM Nutritional Products company is well known leader providing advanced nutrition and wellness solutions, producing carotenes, vitamins, minerals and their premixes.
UAB Ardita ir Ko from 2015 years is official distributor in Baltic states of company Paramelt B.V. having more than 100 years of experience in wax bends production. Highest quality products allowed to gain customers’ trust and acknowledgment in Baltic States. Paramelt B.V. – world-wide acknowledged market leader.
UAB Litamilk is long term partner and supplier to UAB Ardita ir Ko of dry milk products, such as milk and whey powders, protein concentrates and producer of specialized blends LITALAC®, used in various food applications such as yogurt, cheese, ice cream etc. Close mutual cooperation in pilot productions and laboratory analysis opens wide opportunities to develop advanced technologies and applications.

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